For More information on the 2019 Rodeo Run and Historic Fort Worth

Have you driven by an old building that gave you a nostalgic feeling, like it has a story or purpose that is now seemingly forgotten? Have you ever found yourself wishing someone would restore that building to its original beauty? I would like to introduce you to the organization doing just that! Historic Fort Worth, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to preserving Fort Worth’s unique historic identity through stewardship, education and leadership.

What Does Historic FOrt Worth do?

  • Creates urgency through conservation and awareness of historic buildings that are “at risk” for being demolished.

  • Educates and advocates for preservation and the benefits of preservation to the public through campaigns, speaking for preservation at public meetings, and offering architecture and cultural tours throughout the year.

  • Monitors historic places throughout the city and tries to leverage the right funders, organizations, and neighborhoods to restore those buildings and ensure they have a future.

  • Hosts a month-long art show and sale at the Community Arts Center, puts on a decorative arts exhibit of needlepoint works, organizes a garden tour to historic homes in the city. and hosts a 5k, Rodeo Run, in the beginning of the year.

Photo By Chrisy Forbes Van Dyck  1509 Pennsylvania Ave. 76104

Photo By Chrisy Forbes Van Dyck

1509 Pennsylvania Ave. 76104

McFarland House -1110 Penn St. 76102

McFarland House -1110 Penn St. 76102

Rodeo Run

HFW’s annual Rodeo Run is designed to raise funds for preservation programs at Historic Fort Worth, including Thistle Hill and McFarland House. What an absolute honor it is to help support a such wonderful cause by sponsoring this year’s, 2019 Rodeo Run! Sign up now for the 5K Run on January 19, 2019!!


Most Endangered Places List.

One of the most effective tools has been the Most Endangered Places list. Produced annually for the last several years, the list is effective in bringing these endangered places to the attention of new buyers and developers. See just a few of Fort Worth’s Unique beauties in danger of being demolished by neglect.